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Playing with Special kids
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Ocupational TherapyOccupational Therapy Program (OTP)
Occupational Therapy is aimed at strengthening fine-motor skills like writing, cutting, shoe-tying, dressing and using utensils. OT focuses on developmental milestones and skills required for social integration and academic activities. Occupational therapists working with special children typically use techniques and routines that may seem like play, but are designed to target areas of delay and difficulty. Sensory integration uses play-like activities to help children better process and tolerate the information they get through their senses.

The goal of this program is to improve participation and performance of a special child’s “occupations” like self care, play, school and other daily activities. The occupational therapist assesses the child and modify the environment, or the way of doing a task to promote better participation and independence. Occupational therapist works with the child to help improve specific skills to help a child perform better. They also work towards educating parents, teachers and others so that they can help the child be more comfortable and participate well in the community.

Our Occupational Therapy Interventions
Self care: This helps a child perform and be independent in self care skills like eating, dressing, toileting, bathing and grooming. Some adaptations that will help the child be independent or even decrease the burden on the parents are also integrated.

Occupational therapist helps children participate and interact with others in play. They may suggest modifications in the position, mobility aids or modified toys to help a child play.

School: Occupational therapists help children participate and adapt to regular school. They may suggest aids for writing, and other classroom activities to help them participate equally with other children. Children with special needs may also require special furniture to help them sit and write better.

Environmental modifications: Occupational therapists can suggest modifications in the home, school, or playground that will help the child participate more easily. Helping the child become independent early in life, will encourage them to live independently as an adult.

Fine motor skills and Handwriting: Occupational therapists also play a role in helping a child improve their fine motor skills and handwriting. They will be able to identify the specific deficits in the child and suggest activities that will help improve those skills.

Splinting: Occupational therapists can also make simple splints to help the child perform activities in a better way.

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